In 2018, Magical Thinking graduated from the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program (June 2017-June 2018), became a proud member of the NVIDIA Inception Program for AI startups (June 2018-), received a very much appreciated Start Package from the Google Cloud Startup Program (June 2018-), and Hatch love credits from Digital Ocean (October 2018). In June 2019, our small company was upgraded to the Spark-tier of the Google Cloud Startup Program, with an additional $17,000.00 (USD) credits on their amazing products (yes, we are fanboys). As a self-funded company, we feel very privileged as this offer is usually distributed among startups part of an approved venture capital fund, accelerator, or incubator.



Did you know that over 34% of the web uses the content management system WordPress? We have worked with WordPress since the very beginning, way back in 2003. Cloudpress is our attempt at bringing WordPress development to the next level with high availability and exceptional performance.

Food research

Food for thought

When you become a parent, priorities change, and things that you did not even care about before suddenly become of great importance. Children are eating more unhealthy foods and exercising less. With science and technology, we are actively working to raise awareness and to provide healthier food products.

Artificial intelligence

Introducing Aikovsky

In January 2018, we started the development of Aikovsky, a project to produce music using artificial intelligence. Aikovsky is named after Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, one of the greatest composers of the romantic period. Stay tuned for updates in the future. Music is indeed the most beautiful of all Heaven’s gifts to humanity wandering in the […]

Henric is our former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Egmont Publishing in Sweden. He has been appreciated by the staff, not just for his knowledge, but also for having a very likeable personality. Today, as a part-time consultant and team leader, Henric is with his extensive experience and expertise, instrumental for our day-to-day digital operations. Magical Thinking is providing strategic guidance, development and support for both our legacy platform (monolithic PHP and MySQL content management system dating back to 2005 and running in Amazon Web Services) and next-generation cloud-native publishing platform (WordPress on Kubernetes running in Google Cloud Platform). I can highly recommend Henric and his company Magical Thinking if your business requires a digital transformation utilizing bleeding edge technologies and innovative and creative problem-solving.

Heikki Lampinen (Sales Director at Egmont Publishing)

Henric's dedication is definitely over average, it seems there is no task too big to be accomplished for him. /.../ In my opinion, Henric has a very promising future in the field of Interaction Design.

David Cuartielles (Co-Founder of Arduino)

Henric is an outstandingly clever person who loves working with new ideas and always thinks outside the box. He is by nature a person who enjoys solving problems and this is one of the most driving characteristics in his personality.

Sasa Farkas (Founder and CEO at ApParkingSpot)

Henric is a devoted and innovative team player who is also willing to take responsibility and does not hesitate to take initiative for the progress of the development. /.../ I recommend Henric strongly for any position that includes innovative development and management.

Olof Bryggman (Project Manager at Saab Defence and Security)

Henric has a great mix of characteristics and abilities and I would warmly recommend him as a business partner. His combination of strong analytical skills and creative mind-set makes him stand out.

Malena Rydstad (Senior Management Consultant at Implement Consulting Group)